Denison Dam Fishing | Caught a Gar, Lost a Big Fish, Almost Lost GoFish Cam

By / August 19, 2020 / Fishing

Last Saturday headed up the road for some Denison Dam Fishing. Got there at first light. Learned they have bright LED street lights that make the area bright along the Texas side of the river!

They were not generating; water level was low, and the bite was slow. Did deploy the GoFish Cam and almost lost it to a snag. Lots of braided line. Dove in the river and retrieved it after cutting away the snag… lots of braided line in the water!

Around 10:30AM, they started generating power. Stuck around to fish the river in hopes the current would bring more fish to feed. Luckily, did not strike out… caught a gar that went for shad!

Later, had a few more good strikes but missed the hook set. Did get one to stay on but lost it after nearing the bank… it was a big one!

Do check out the video!

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