Denison Dam Fishing | Eight Lessons Learned fishing the OK Wall?

By / November 26, 2020 / Fishing

Fished Denison Dam on the Oklahoma side – specifically, the Oklahoma Wall for Striped Bass. Fun time catching them on a beefed up version of the Bubble Fly Rig – a heavy casting float and a clouser style minnow.

Plan was to fish the Texas side with the Switch Rod. Had to adjust to the fish and the pattern. No fly fishing from the OK Wall. Luckily, had a back up bait casting rod and Dave’s Ski Tackle was nearby for picking up a heavy casting float and jigs!

Do checkout the video!

Eight Lessons Learned fishing the OK Wall?
1 Tag your stringer when fishing a tailrace in Oklahoma!
2 Bring a heavy casting float and shad as backup.
3 Keep fishing even after shad is gone, stripers will strike the fishing fly.
4 Fish the current or the bubble line where the fish are lurking.
5 Stop at “Dave’s Ski and Tackle”.
6 Moving lure, fishing fly, or bait was preferred.
7 Stay up to date with fishing regulations.
8 Every cast is a chance to catch a fish.

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