Denison Dam Fishing – Five Tips for Fly Fishing

By / August 9, 2019 / Fishing

Fished Denison Dam early AM Sunday. Was non-Stop action. Lost count of how many were caught and released. Estimated over fifty striped bass after we quit counting!

All were caught and released between 6AM to 10AM till alarm sounded warning us power plant would be generating soon.

Do join us this round for Denison Dam Fishing – Five Tips for Fly Fishing and learn to fish by our trials and errors!

Tip #1. Before you go… determine the Water Flow Pattern
Tip #2. Get a OK License and wade the river
Tip #3. Wading boots and wading stick!
Tip #4. Adjust retrieve… Movement, lots of movement this time!
Tip #5. Match the hatch! Size Mattered! Bring 2″-3″ as well as larger 4″+ fishing flies!

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