Denison Dam Fishing for Gar… by Chance Anyone?

By / June 28, 2020 / Fishing

Fished Denison Dam Saturday morning. Initially, planned to bring a Switch Rod to fish Clousers in the runs, pockets, and pools before they started generating power.

Quick check of the real-time hydroelectric data and the planned schedule showed two generators online for 24 hours Friday and into Saturday, and possibly Sunday.

Adjusted to surf casting gear:

Fished Shad and Chicken Livers… no strikes when fishing a bottom rig. Action was all with Shad fished 2′ to 4′ from a float.

Do check back will add details on the float rig we used in the video. Float used was the… Launcher Float size 5″, 1-3/4OZ:

Fished from sunrise to 2PM in the afternoon… No Striped Bass. It was all Gar that were biting this round!all fish caught and release were Gar. Looked like the Striped Bass were not wanting to bite this round.

Fun times still!

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