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Planned to fish the Blue River for Rainbow Trout today but heard the recent rains muddied the river. Was still wavering yesterday on where to fish, so just in case decided to tie some Clouser Minnows to go along with the Near Deere, GRHENs, and Rainbow Warriors.

Good thing we had the Clouser Minnows! Ended up catching several Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass, and even a Catfish. Had some “technical difficulties” with the camera but did manage to get video of the action to include a 29″ and 22.5″ Striped Bass.

Ended the day with four Striped Bass on the stringer! Would have kept going for a limit but ran out of Clouser Minnows.

Had tied five last night. Lost one to a Bruiser that struck the fishing fly and ran for the rocks. Could not turn it with the 5 Weight… lost another Clouser after fouling with someone’s old fishing line; remainder were lost to rocks. Luckily, did pick up some “new tackle” from the rocks, too!

Overall, had a great time out there on the Red River!

Four Striped Bass… Plus some “new tackle”!

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