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Here are a few things we like to have when fishing the tailrace at our local reservoir – Texoma lake and its tailrace referred to as Denison Dam. See details at COAF Field Team – Denison Dam Tailrace Fishing.

As for the casting float we like to use, this is our favorite one. It is made by Flex Coat and when available you can get them at Walmart Online.

This float can launch small baits and lures up to 100 yards away. On top of offering extreme distance, the Launcher has a unique flat top design that gives special lure action on the retrieve. Its splashdown and action attracts fish as it resembles the movement of schooling or feeding bait. The Launcher is guaranteed to expand the use of all lightweight baits and lures without needing special skills to do so. Look for it in a variety of sizes to suit all of your fishing needs.

Flex Coat