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First trip using the DIY Dual BFS and Micro Fly Rod as a micro flyrod, fishing for Bluegill at a local pond. After a slow start was able to catch a few fish using a Near Deere. Used a strike indicator at first, and then removed it once I noticed the fish were chasing the fishing fly.

The Echo Ion 2/3wt fly reel with 2wt WF fly line worked well. Able to cast for distance as needed and maintain control. Do have to wait on the backcast as the rod has a slow action.

Also, had to use the left hand to increase line speed much like I do with other micro fly rods.

Overall, liking the DIY Dual BFS and Micro Fly Rod. Plan to keep the Kastking Zephyr BFS Reel and the Echo Ion 2/3wt in my fishing jacket for these local ponds. Can switch from BFS to Micro Fly Fishing and back again in short order!

PS: Slowed the video at several points to demo how I watch the line to set the hook when not using a strike indicator.