DIY Tanago Rod

By / April 3, 2015 / Micro Fishing

More tinkering around with ice fishing rod components. For ease of reference, calling it the Do It Yourself (DIY) Tanago Rod. Going to use it for Micro Fishing; hopefully to catch one of those “guppy” looking fish!

Easy to make… used a 20″ solid fiberglass ice fishing rod, a 12″ wooden handle, and a braided cord for the lillian.

Add some 2 pound test mono – smallest line in the tackle box, ready to try it out!

DIY Tanago Rod compared to Micro Fly Rods

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Hello again,
We seem to be traveling along a similar road at the moment. Micro fly rods and micro fishing. A couple of weeks ago I put together a micro fishing rod made from the top three sections of a broken telescopic rod that I'd removed the runners from, a length of neoprene rod handle and a short piece of army hoochie cord for the lillian.There's a small lake just down the road that holds roach, goldfish, perch, trout, minnows and mosquito fish. I'm looking forward to trying this out and catching some of the smaller fish. I'm really keen to see how you go.


That's great to hear. I have been using ice fishing rod components with good results. Also, the Pen Fishing Rod that we modified has been working well. Currently working on another Wine Cork Micro Fly Rod… have a Pan Fishing Ice Rod Blank and old wine corks. Still working out the mounting hardware… hope to get that work out soon!


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