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By / April 15, 2019 / Fishing

Finally got the video edited… it’s the DIY Tube Popper Fly that we used the other day at Stoney Hollow Pond. The version we used at the pond was painted yellow. These are painted white. (This one is a variant of an earlier one we tied… Tube Popper Fly).

Also, used the Mini-Balsa Wood Lathe we made several years ago along with a tube tying attachment on an old vise we keep just for making tube flies.

Lathe is not required, can be shaped by had using hand tools and sand paper.

Do check it out and give it a try fishing them on your local ponds this Season!

Material List for reference:
1/4″ square balsa wood
Paint – Red, White, Yellow
UV Glue Pen
Super Glue
Xacto Saw / Mitre Box
Mini-Lathe for Balsa Wood

Dacron Tying Thread
Marabou Plumes
Grizzly Hackle

Tube Fly Tying Attachment

Treble Hooks

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