DIY Wooden Trout Net is Done, and new Echo Ion Reel Arrived….! #flyfishing

By / October 5, 2017 / Fishing

Banner day today! Finished the DIY Wooden Trout Net well before the Winter Trout Stocking Season! Will be shifting to fly tying in preparation for the the trout stockings on the Blue River in Oklahoma in November!

Also, new Echo Ion Reel arrived in 10/12 weight, balances well with the Cabelas TLR Switch Rod in 8 weight! Fished it with Lee Wullf’s Triangle Taper Ambush fly line in 350 grain… can get some great casts with minimal effort with it. Still have the two 6 weights at the ready for trout; will hope to target Stripers with the 8 weight… hopefully, at Denison Dam’s tailrace!

Here is a video describing the DIY Wooden Trout Net. It’s not perfect but was cheap to make, can hold at least 10 pounds with no issue, and no longer have to deal with fumbling around with the release since this one is magnetic versus a clip like our old one!




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