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By / June 19, 2020 / Fishing

Been wanting to try Gulp Marinade as a teaser scent to our lures. But, not certain if fish would like it. It has a garlic scent similar to the Berkley Power Bait we like to use when trout fishing.

Decided to test the Gulp Marinade by applying it to a fishing fly and observe how fish react to it compared to the same fishing fly but without the scent applied. Rigged two scuds to the underwater video rig we put together for filming underwater action shots of fish.

Key take aways this round:

  1. Results were inconclusive given only one test. But, it does look promising. Do need to continue testing before we make a suggestion.
  2. It does appear that fish like the Gulp Marinade, tending to prefer the scud with scent over the scud without scent after the initial application.
  3. Once the scent washed out, it was not certain if there was a preference for one over the other.
  4. Do need to re-apply the scent as it does wash out.
  5. Bait still is preferred over artificials.

Next round, plan to:

  1. Use a smaller hook as the fish in the test pond tended to be small for the hook used. Often times a fish would be hooked but then would be able to break free after a short struggle.
  2. May try live bait to mix things up as well.

Also, do note a catfish “smells” the scented scud at one point, and watch how a fish would be hooked and then free itself, and immediately after another fish would strike… may explain how we will get a bite but miss the hookset, but soon after feel another tug on the line!

Do stay tuned for more, plan to do another “test” in the near future!

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