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By / June 6, 2019 / Fishing

Liked the EmmRod Kayak King for fishing the local ponds for Catfish. Hope to try it out kayak fishing sooner than later. Decided to order their fly rod model.

It came in today! Opened the box and checked it out. Looks promising. Was trying to decide on mounting the 2/3 Wt Echo Ion Fly Reel with a Rio Trout Max shooting head or the 4/5 Wt Echo Ion Fly Reel with the OPST Commando Head and Lazerline running line.

Still deciding but hope to fish it this weekend, too! More to come!

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Steve Hynes

G’Day Glenn,
I look forward to your field review of the Emmrod fly rod. As much as I would like one for myself, the cost of currency conversion and postage would bring the cost to over $240AUD by the time it arrived in Australia! A pity, as I could see it being very handy in some small creek situations. Good luck with it.


Hi Steve – Bummer on the cost… was able to fish the fly rod today. Caught several fish; not big ones but still fun! Will get a video posted.


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