Here are few observations that are “good to know” for the 2014-2015 Season. For now, we plan to list them in no specific order but will eventually group them as appropriate and then create categories and new pages to post them on.

1. While preparing to fish the Lower Mountain Fork River at Beavers Bend State Park, we learned from the Beavers Bend Fly Shop that our Name and Oklahoma Fishing License Number must be written legibly on a tag and then attached to our stringers. This also included attaching the tag to our creels if a stringer was not used. A quick look at the 2014-2015 ODWC Fishing Regulations confirmed the tag requirement. The intent being the prohibition of sharing stringers among a group of fishermen. See excerpt taken from page 29 of the document outlined outlined in yellow below. Also, note the excerpt from 2013’s Fishing Regulations showing the omission.

2014-2014 ODWC Fishing Regulations
2014-2015 ODWC Fishing Regulations











2013 Method of Taking Excerpt (Pg 38)
2013 Method of Taking Excerpt (Pg 38)


PS: On the same occasion, we also noted the prohibition of culling Trout and that Trout Stamps were no longer required because it is included in the resident or non-resident fishing licenses.


2. Learned what a Brown Trout looked like having caught one on a two successive trips to Beavers Bend State Park. Brown Trout has different markings compared to a Rainbow Trout made all the more clear once viewed in hand versus in a book.

3. Caught and released a number of small Rainbow Trout at Beavers Bend State Park’s Spillway Creek.  Also, discovered the Lower Mountain Fork supports year round fishing for Trout just be cognizant of the Blue and Red Zone restrictions for daily limits and minimum size lengths.

4. After two trips to Beavers Bend State Park, now know where the Cold Hole, Evening Hole, and Lost Creek are located in the area. Still need to explore the area more and learn the local terminology.

5. Caught a Brook Trout on the Blue River; now know what a Brook Trout looks like…. key items to look for are the grizzled pattern on the back and the white “edging” along the fins.  See the short video clip for of the “Other Trout” caught while fishing the Blue!

6. By accident learned that Trout were being stocked at Turner Falls Park this Season. Decided to give it a shot and made the two-hour drive to Davis, Oklahoma. Was a good decision; had a great time fishing the area. Even came back the following weekend for more fishing action.


7. Here is a quick Fly Line Leader recipe for a 5’6″ 4-Weight Fly Rod:

  • Butt – 36″ of 20lbs mono
  • Body – 18″ of 15lbs mono
  • Tippet – 18″ of 4lbs mono (or 9″ of 10lbs mono and 9″ of 4lbs mono)

PS: Been using this for Trout… 30lbs mono for a 36″ butt section, 17lbs mono for an 18″ mid section, 12lbs mono for an 18″ fwd section, and then 4lbs mono for an 18″ tippet. Makes a 7-1/2′ leader. If I want it longer will increase each length proportionally to get the overall length wanted.

For Striped Bass on Clousers, 30lbs mono for a 60″ butt section and then 17lbs mono for a 48″ fwd section… no tippet, just tied the Clouser directly to the 17lbs mono. Comes to 9′ and works with a 11′ Switch Rod as well as a 9′ 5wt Fly Rod.

Knots used – Perfection Loop for the butt end,then Uniknots for the rest… easier to tie than blood knots.

Will use knotless tapered leader bought on sale; but, only use them in the Spring when the Cottonwood start clobbering the local ponds with “cotton” which gravitate to any knot on a leader.

8. (Posted March 8, 2015) Guadalupe River Special Regulations list two Zones that have daily limit and size requirements that are different than Statewide Trout Regulations – specifically:

(Excerpt from TPWD’s 2014-2015 Regulations) Two sections of this river are subject to special harvest regulations on rainbow and brown trout. In these sections, all trout harvested must be caught on artificial lures, and the following bag and size limits are in effect:

  • Beginning 800 yards downstream from the Canyon Dam release gate and extending to the easternmost bridge on FM Road 306, there is a 12-to-18-inch slot limit. Trout 12 inches and under or 18 inches and longer may be retained. Daily bag limit is five trout, and only one can be 18 inches or longer.
  • From the easternmost bridge on FM 306 downstream to the second bridge crossing on River Road, there is an 18-inch minimum size limit, and a one trout daily bag.

For more fishing observations, do check out our Fishing Tips section!