Favorite Fly Fishing Combo for Pond Trout! #neardeere #onehandedspey #maxcatch #orvis #riotroutmax

By / March 8, 2020 / Fishing

Fished a new pond that was recently stocked with rainbow trout. Located in Sherman, Tx is Pebblebrook Community Park Pond.

Last weekend a Trout Derby was held at Pebblebrook; we were not able to make it but we anticipated lots of trout would be on the prowl Saturday morning.

They were… water was murky but the Rubber Legged Near Deere had them striking. Add the Rio Trout Max One-Handed Spey line on an Orvis Hyrdos SL1 reel and 10′ MaxCatch Fly Rod in a 2wt – what we call the “Discount Switch Rod” made for easy casting and catching!

Setting the hook in the time was another story though! No worries… was able to limit out. The Rubber Legged Near Deere and the Discount Switch Rod are fast becoming the Team’s favorite combo for trout fishing ponds!


  1. Ease of casting for distance with minimal false casting if any. Plus the 10′ Length provided added line control of the 200 grain shooting head
  2. Trout seem to strike the rubber legged variant more readily than ones without legs, and worked in clear and murky ponds with good results.
  3. Orvis fly reel has tighter tolerances that prevent the mono running line from slipping under the spool, and the reel is sealed so no worries when dunked in the water… which yours truly has done several times already be accident!

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