Fiberglass Rod Flyfishing with a Tenkara Fly… #cabelas #cgr #orvis #hydros

By / January 19, 2020 / Fishing

Starting to get over a cold, I was able to make it to the local pond and flex the little 2wt fiberglass flyfishing combo – Cabelas 2wt CGR 6’2″ fly rod and Orvis Hydros Sl1 2 wt.

Tied several tenkara fishing flies and constructed a 7 foot tapered leader using a 30lbs, 15lbs, and 6lbs mono recipe. (see DIY Fly Line)

Combo cast easily; reel is lined with Cabelas Prestige Plus 2wt WF floating line. Able to cast 30 plus feet and more without effort.

The fish were lurking near the banks and in the feeder creek. No long cast were needed but was good to know the combo could deliver distance if needed.

Midway through the trip, discovered I had missed the first rod guide in my haste to go fishing… going to blame it on the medicine that I am on. LOL!

Overall liking this lightweight combo… makes for a fun fight with little bass and bluegill!

Fun stuff…!

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