Field Team Update and Fishing Fly Give Away #neardeere

By / January 6, 2019 / Fishing

Been hosting live sessions on YouTube and Facebook to answer questions from viewers. Added a give away of fishing flies in one session. Might as well do another one… plan to host on our YouTube Channel at COAF FIELD TEAM on Friday, 1/11 at 8pm Central. Details provided in the description of our last session. Come join us… plan to host a random drawing for three Near Deere in Olive, Pink, and White.

To enter the random drawing, submit a comment like “Hi”. This will allow us to see your YouTube name and enter it in the drawing. Also, if you are a Subscriber you are automatically entered.

Do note that the drawing is limited to those with a US address. We are unable to send to a non-US address.

For planning purposes, we will hold the drawing January 11, 2019 at 8PM Central. Do join us then… will keep the session short and sweet – say “howdy” to participants and then go right into the drawing!

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