Finding Spawning White Bass in Texas… #sandbass #whitebass

By / March 17, 2020 / Fishing

Back in the day…
We would drive by the boat ramp on the Nueces River, and when we saw lots of cars, trucks, and boat trailers, we would put in the jon boat.

Then, using a 2hp motor, we trolled upstream a Johnson Minnow. Flat lining the spoon until we got a strike, then we stopped to cast or troll the area either catching more, or moving on if no other takers!

We would continue to head upriver, repeating this pattern and as we reached a shallow, sandy area… typically, a bend in the river, we would wade the area and concentrate efforts in hopes of catching a school of spawning white bass.

Now a days…
We prefer to wait till warmer weather and when the spawn is over and the White Bass are schooling on the lake.

More often than not, we kayak fish for them, trolling a slab and jig rig or multiple tandem rigged jigs tied sabiki style. Also, sight casting to breaking schools feeding on shad near the water’s surface.

Else, we bank fish and surf cast “without the surface” on windblown points on the local lake.

But, if we were to fish the spawn aka White Bass/Sandy Run…
We would take the easy route, and hire a guide… like Carey Thorn in DFW area. Else, we do some online scouting – specifically,

  • YouTube Channels like Barfly and Westin Smith
  • Fishing forums like the Texas Fishing Forum
  • Facebook Fishing Groups like Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing and Lake Lavon Fishing

Do check out the video for more details on finding white bass during the spawning run!

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