Finding the Pattern Fly Fishing Kroger Park … #Guadalupana Give Away

By / April 13, 2019 / Fishing

Was trying to catch fish at Kroger park, specifically, Bass using the Tube Popper Fly that worked well at Stoney Hollow Pond. Switched to a Damsel Fly Variant when it did not work, then switched back to the Tube Popper Fly. No luck there, so went with a Guadalupana… it worked.

Do check out the video for tips and an idea on the retrieve we used when working the Guadalupana. Liked the fishing fly but did lose two Bass that threw the hook out after the initial hook set.

Decided to tie Guadalupanas to replace the one lost this trip. Then, decided to give away two of them instead of the Near Deere Give Away for this month!

This Give Away…
We picked a number between 1 and 200! First to guess the number, and with a US mailing address… WINS! This Give Away are two Guadalupana… in Size 8. Size 8 to better hook Bass instead of the size 10 we used. One Guadalupana has its hackle tied Palmer style. The other Guadalupana has hackles tied Dry Fly style. One guess per day… just post in the comments on this video. Or, on our Facebook Page @CoafFieldTeam

PS: Article on how we tie a COAF Guadalupana Fishing Fly!

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