Finished the Wine Cork Micro Fly Rod

By / March 4, 2015 / iFishRadio, Micro Fly Rod

Another cold front arrived in the area. Rain, freezing rain, and some snow later tonight. So, took the opportunity to finish the Micro Fly Rod I have been tinkering with… calling it the Wine Cork Micro Fly Rod since the handle is made from old wine corks.

Other things used:

  • 1 Line Rod Guide
  • 2 Single Foot Fly Rod Guides
  • 1 Fly Rod Tip Guide
  • Hook Keeper
  • Reel Seat
  • 31″ Solid Graphite Ice Fishing Rod Blank

After the rod guide thread wraps dried, mounted the Crappie Jig Reel that we used for the Micro Fly Rod Concept Rod on to the Wine Cork Micro Fly Rod and did some test casts indoors…. very promising, casts well and with larger rod guides the fly line moved smoothly on the cast!

Wine Cork Micro Fly Rod

PS: Was good to use the homemade Rod Wrapping Guide for something other than repairing broken rod guides!

Homemade Rod Wrapping Guide

Short Video Clip of the Wine Cork Micro Fly Rod

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Hi Jonas, we used the level line section of an old 5wt Weight Forward Fly Line we were no longer using.

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