Fished LLELA and Struck Out But…!

By / February 2, 2019 / Fishing

Learned trout were stocked earlier this week at LLELA – Lake Lewisville Ecological Learning Area. Not been to LLELA for awhile, decided to give it a go.

Brought the 6wt TFO Flyrod and the Echo Ion 6/7wt lined with the OPST Commando Head, Airflo Superfast Sinking Line, and the Coated Running Line. Great opportunity to fish a river and get an idea how the coated running line would do in the field.

Gear did well with effortless and tangle-free casting. Just no fish…at LLELA. Did hear from another fisherman that he had several on the line that morning but missed landing them. Later, did see the same fisherman land one… so there are trout at LLELA. Just not on our hooks… Bummer!

Should have got the hint when the morning started out misty and foggy. Luckily, things stayed dry and the fog lifted. Even then, no fish at LLELA. Decided to call it a trip but would stop at a pond on the way home in hopes of catching at least a fish so as not to call the day a bust.

Ended up catching two bass at the pond by the Allen Cinemark. One went for a red Damsel Fly, and the other went for a PMOT – Purple Marabou and Orange Thing! Woohoo… was an awesome day fishing!

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