Fishing Addiction #8 – “Selective Memory Syndrome”

By / January 12, 2018 / Fishing

Been a while since we last posted on our Fishing Addiction Series. Normally, we post videos on our YouTube Channel – see below for Fishing Addiction #1 – #7.

This round for Fishing Addiction #8, we put pencil and paper in hand and decided to relive our childhood “stickman” drawings. Fishing Addiction #8 refers to “Selective Memory Syndrome” when said Fishing Addict can recall anything fishing related like when a hatch will start and what fishing fly to use on a given river, GPS coordinates of a Super Secret Fishing Spot, or where a Bruiser fish lurks… but something simple as an errand for his significant other seems to forgotten!

“May they never find a cure… Fishing Addiction”




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