Fishing the Blue River in Oklahoma

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For several Winters the COAF Field Team focused on fishing local community lakes and ponds for Rainbow Trout. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department would publish its Winter Rainbow Trout Stocking Schedule the latter half of November each year. The Team reviewed the schedule and adjusted work/personal commitments to maximize their chances at fishing for the scrappy Trout.

These locations included Bethany Lakes in Allen, Towne Lake in McKinney, and the Commons Pond in Frisco. Of the three, Bethany Lakes typically received a stocking mid-December, and then stockings in Towne Lake and Commons Pond would follow the next year in mid/late February.

About four years ago, the Team decided to try fishing the Blue River in Oklahoma. They heard from others that the River was less than two hours away, was stocked weekly starting November through March the following year, and offered an excellent opportunity for larger Rainbow Trout compared to the little Stockers being released the Team’s area.

The Team’s first fishing trip to the Blue River was November 13, 2010. The Team caught Trout; moreover, they saw some Bruisers that went easily over five possibly ten pounds! As it turned out, a Trout Derby was in progress. In support of the Trout Derby, larger fish were included in the stocking.

Since then the Team has returned several times to fish the Blue River with good results each time. More important, when the Trout fishing bug strikes, they have discovered a day trip to the Blue makes for a good cure!


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Do you have any posts of the flies you use? If not, wonder if you could post photos of you favorite flies. Thanks for your consideration.


Hi Dan, there are three fishing flies that I have been using – GRHEN, Zebra Midge, and the Near Deere. We have an article posted online that gives details on how we tie them – Three Suggested Fishing Flies for Trout. Cut and paste the link below to see the article. Also, there is a tiny midge that worked well for the Blue River when the Trout are feeding just below the water surface. Will see if I can post a picture of it. Hope this helped!

Todd Moxcey

I see this is an old post but thought I’d see if I’d get a reply. I live in Dallas and haven’t fished the Blue yet. I see it runs down into the Red River. Is it fishable for trout all the way down as it’s a shorter ride for me the farther South it runs?


Thanks for checking out our site! The trout are stocked in the Blue River Public Fishing and Hunting Area between November to March. Not sure if Trout make it that far down river.


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