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By / August 23, 2017 / Fishing

Received an update from Steve in Australia… Great to hear the Near Deere is getting bit in OZ! Thanks for the update Steve!

My two fishing trips were to Marysville Lake and Don Road Lake at Healesville. At Marysville I used my 12 foot tenkara rod as well as a spinning rod with a Crystal Cast float. The flies I used were the Near Deere and a Bead Headed Green Crystal Woolly Bugger which I reckon looks a bit like the Near Deere on steroids! Picked up a few rainbow trout on both flies but it was hard going. Don Road Lake is less than five minutes drive from where I live. It gets stocked with rainbow trout in the cooler seasons but it also holds perch, roach, big goldfish and eels. I fished a 9 foot 6wt fly rod with bead head GRHE nymph and a San Juan Worm under a pea sized indicator. Only caught the one fat rainbow trout that was full of milt and an 8 inch perch, both on the nymph. I’ll try to add the pictures at the end of this email.


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