Fishing the Waterfall Pool with the Micro Fly Rod… Last Cast? #microflyrod #microfishing #microflyfishing

By / July 28, 2020 / Fishing

For a change of pace, decided to checkout the Waterfall Pool at the local pond. Normally catch little Sunfish, Bluegill, and the occasional Bass.

Brought the two-piece Micro Fly Rod and started fishing a Near Deere with the Corq Strike Indicator, but switched back to the Line Strike Indicator… fish seemed to be distracted from the fishing fly and wanting to strike the Corq.

Also, tied a Scud on as the Near Deere was just too big for the little fish in the pool.

Fun time catching and releasing the scrappy fish… but of course, had trouble with determining which cast would be the last cast for this trip… aka “one more cast” for your’s truly!

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