Fishing with the MaxCatch 2wt Fly Rod and Orvis Hydros SL1 #flyfishing #maxcatch #orvis

By / February 1, 2020 / Fishing

Ordered the MaxCatch 2wt Fly Rod to go with the Orvis Hydros SL1 Fly Reel. The rod is 10′ in length and balances slightly forward of the rod grip. First chance to fish was today.

Temps were chilly but managed a few little Bluegill and Bass that went for a Soft Hackle and a Marilyn Monroe Tenkara Fly. Rod feels nice… liking the blue finish and the wood insert for the reel seat.

Casts well… able to get familiar with the rod, and find its sweet spot. Main take away from today was to give the backcast time to roll out before starting the forward cast.

So far, this combo is looking and feeling good. Will see how it fares this season in 2020!

MaxCatch 2wt Fly Rod:
Orvis Hydros Sl1 Fly Reel:

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