Five Tips For Fly Fishing in a Kayak #kayaking #flyfishing

By / May 1, 2020 / Fishing

Made the run to the local lake for some fun fly fishing fun for White Bass. Took the kayak and made it to a fishing area that had lots of opportunity to catch a fish or two.

From past trips, made a few adjustments to make this trip go much smoother when fishing from a kayak in a seated position. Here are five tips for fly fishing in a kayak:

  1. OPST Commando Head and Coated Running Line made for ease of casting from the sitting position. Much easier compared to the traditional weight forward setup we were using.
  2. Minimize Clutter in the Kayak Cockpit. Lots of chances to foul your line; keep things stored in your lifejacket or tucked under it like your nippers and forceps will reduce line fouling while still at the ready when needed.
  3. Line Management. May need to take up line and fight the fish on the reel, else allow the line to float on one side of the kayak. Do risk the chance of the fish running into the line. Be prepared to fight on the reel.
  4. Railblaza Rod Holder or other rod holder that has a locking mechanism to prevent the fly rod from falling overboard.
  5. Troll to/from the fishing area. Increase the “line in the water” and possibly hook into a nice fish while paddling to your fishing destination. And then, on the way back… do the same. Don’t be surprised if this technique saves your trip from a strike out!

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