Fly Casting with a Three Foot Fly Rod and no Reel… Hand Hold Revisited? #orvis #practicaster #demo

By / July 23, 2020 / Fishing

This video answers the mail – a YouTube Viewer requested we show the hand hold we used in the video One Rod, No Reel.

The intent of the One Rod, No Reel was to show quality fly line was more important than the fly reel, and the suggestion was to focus more on a quality fly line, followed by the fly rod, and then the fly reel for most fishing situations.

In One Rod, No Reel, we used a premium but old 5wt WF Fly line that we have since retired… keeping about 8 yards of the forward portion of the fly line, attaching it to a short section of dacron backing, and a rubber band.

We then attached the rubber band to the rod handle, and then demonstrated casting without a fly reel as well as catching a trout or two at a local pond.

To answer the mail, we removed the 4wt fly reel that was zip tied to an Orvis Practicaster, and used the heavy “rope like” practice line that came with it to show the hand hold used.

And since, we still had the fly line used in the One Rod, No Reel video, decided to show it can be cast using the short three foot Orvis Practicaster, too!

Do check it out!

PS: Appended the On Rod, No Reel video to the end of the demo for ease of reference.

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