Fly Casting without Rod or Reel… #flyfishing

By / February 18, 2018 / Fishing

Fly Casting without Rod or Reel… or better yet, “look ma no hands, no rod, no reel? Actually, we do use our hands and a rod but no reel in this demo. This one was fun to make…. it came about when someone asked us about the hardest thing to learn about fly casting while fishing Frisco Commons yesterday.

After mulling over the question, we came up with the back cast. With a proper back cast, a good forward cast is more likely. Done wrong, then a good forward cast will not happen. Unfortunately, there is a tendency to forget about the back cast and focus on other things like timing, the 10-2 position, or the 11-1 position, as well as which rod or reel to buy.

After a while, you have to force yourself to watch your back cast… subsequently, we decided the hardest thing to learn about fly casting is the back cast – easily forgotten but critical to the basic fly cast – the overhead cast.

Also, in the demo we expand on the our answer noting the number one item when learning to fly cast is the line. A quality fly line is important! More so than the fly rod or the fly reel.

Do check out the video… although yours truly is not a expert fly caster, the video is more to illustrate a proper back cast and a good quality fly line will do more for your fly casting success then expensive fly rods and fly reels.

…but don’t forget, lots of practice and fly casting lessons from a pro are always a good thing, too!




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