Fly Fishing and Pond Hopping…! #flyfishing

By / September 20, 2019 / Fishing

On the commute, did a little pond hopping the past few days. Was a tough go but did manage to catch a fish or two!

First pond was Crowley Park Pond in Richardson. Fished the Redington Pursuit 4wt 8ft Fly Rod and the Ross Flystart2 Reel. Lost the Betts Bream Getter but did make one using Waspi’s Foam Spider Tying Kit! Landed a Bluegill and caught but lost a Bass while bringing it to shore. 4lbs tippet broke but luckily did not lose the fishing fly!

Second pond was Plano Downtown Center Pond… not sure about the formal name for it, but this one works for ease of reference. Started fishing the Waspi Betts Bream Getter but without luck.

Then, noticed a ball of little fish, actually several of them, moving about in the pond. Thought they were minnows. Turned out to be fingerling catfish. Switched to a PMC Emerger…. smallest fishing fly in the fly box. Had a few follow it but none struck. Next, went with a Corq strike indicator and a Near Deere. Able to catch a Bullhead on the fly!

Next time, will need to bring smaller size fishing flies for those little fingerling catfish!

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