Fly Fishing the Local Pond #foamgrasshopper

By / March 29, 2020 / Fishing

Fished the local pond for Bass in hope of catching a fish or two with a new pattern modified from two variants of the BOB Fly or Bass On Bed Fly.

First BOB Fly was tied clouser style on a bent back hook using marabou plumes. Worked but wanted the hook bend to ride higher while on bottom.

Second variant od the BOB Fly added marabou plumes to the hook bend like adding a tail. Worked on Bass. Called it the BOBTAIL Fly since it’s a BOB Fly with a tail.

The pattern we were testing is tied different and has saddle hackle and lead wire but no dumbell eyes… calling it the No Name Fly for now. How to tie at

Test was thrown a curve… bass were cruising the shallows instead of on their beds. Good thing the Foam Grasshopper was in the fly box!

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