Fly Fishing Tip – Emergency Dry Fly Floatant… Carmex Works!

By / February 15, 2020 / Fishing

Tied some dry flies before heading out to the local pond that was recently stocked with trout. Although we struck out on trout, did overcome a situation… ran out of the Gink Dry Fly Floatant we have used for years. Fly shop was closed, so what to do?

Luckily, while stopping for coffee and donuts at the RaceTrac convenience store found Carmex at the counter. Made with 50% white petroleum jelly, figured it would work in a pinch.

Sure did… fly stayed on the surface without an issue!

PS: Was noted that it may be hard on fly line and leader. Since our motto is to “Learn to fish by our trials and errors”, will try it out for season and see if our fly line and leader are impacted by Carmex…. More to come!

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