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Number 15 in the “Little Red Book of Fly Fishing” podcast series where I review fly fishing tips in parallel to the current Winter Trout Stocking Season in our area.

This week it’s tips 56 through 61!

Tip 56: The Difference between a Good Fisherman and a Great One? A BB
Tip 57: Knockout with the Bolo Punch
Tip 58: Seeing the Light
Tip 59: The Thin, Clear Line
Tip 60: Live With It
Tip 61: Feeling Skitterish

Do check back on our next episode in the series where we discuss tips 62 – 69.
Tip 62: Negatives and Positives
Tip 63: When in Doubt (Set the Hook)
Tip 64: No Clear Indication
Tip 65: First Impressions
Tip 66: Ready, Set, Go
Tip 67: Dress for Success
Tip 68: Watch That Line
Tip 69: When Shorter is Better

Good Luck and Good Fishing!