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Number 19 in the “Little Red Book of Fly Fishing” podcast series where I review fly fishing tips in parallel to the current Winter Trout Stocking Season in our area.

This week it’s tips 82 through 87!
Tip 82: That Vision Thing
Tip 83: Timing the Rise
Tip 84: Be a Sneak
Tip 85: Off Broadway
Tip 86: Downstream and Dirty
Tip 87: How Dry am I?

Do check back on our next episode in the series where we discuss tips 88 – 93.
Tip 88: Getting to the Bottom of Things
Tip 89: Time on Water Equals Fish, Part 1
Tip 90: Time on Water Equals Fish, Part 2
Tip 91: Switch Bugs on an Obvious Refusal
Tip 92: One at a Time
Tip 93: Stack Mending for Drifts

Good Luck and Good Fishing!

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