Fly Fishing with the Foam Grasshopper, TFO 6wt Flyrod, and Echo Ion Flyreel! #flyfishing

By / September 11, 2019 / Fishing

Made it to Kroger Park on the commute home. Always good to have a fishing rod handy in the little pickup for times when traffic is slow and yours truly prefers to fish rather than drive in stop and go traffic.

This round used the Foam Grasshopper with the TFO 6wt Flyrod coupled with the Echo Ion 6/7wt flyreel.

Reel has the OPST Commando Head and the coated monofilament running line. Made for ease of casting and distance when needed.

Pond was clobbered with lots of green stuff but did catch a few bluegill and bass. Fun stuff!

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