Fly Fishing without a Fly Rod #bubbleflyrig #spoonandflyrig

By / February 20, 2020 / Fishing

Here is a video that details how to fly fish without a fly rod using two methods – Bubble Fly Rigs and Spoon and Fly Rigs.

The Bubble Fly Rig is a proven method for fishing flies use a bubble float cast with a spinning rod and reel. It targets fish feeding on the surface, just under the surface, and in the upper part of the water column.

The Spoon and Fly Rig is not as well known and limited information can be found online. But, it has been a consistent fish getter for those situations where fish are in the lower part of the water column, actively feeding on baitfish and other “tasty morsels”!

Do give them a try and keep them at the ready when fish flies are the go to pattern but you don’t have a fly rod, still learning to cast one, or the situation warrants spinning gear over a fly fishing gear!

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