Foam Grasshopper and Back Up Dry Fly Did Well! #flyfishing

By / March 14, 2017 / Bethany Lakes

Fished the Lower Pond at Bethany Lakes this evening. Caught a Bluegill, several Bass, and missed several more. Bummer on losing the Foam Grasshopper to a Bass. Was able to switch to a dry fly we use as a strike indicator for those picky trout and caught several Bass! Will definitely tie more Foam Grasshopper and give it another go on the local ponds!


Log Book Entry: 3/14/17

  • Location: Bethany Lakes – Lower Pond (Allen)
  • Time: 18:00 – 19:00
  • Weax: Clear, “Sweater”, Calm
  • Rod: Cabelas TLR 4wt – 7’6″
  • Reel: Ross Flystart 1 – 5wt Flyline


  • Started with the Foam Grasshopper on 4lbs test. Caught a Bluegill and a Bass and lots of missed hook sets in between.
  • Then, had a nice fish – suspect it was a Bass, go for the Grasshopper but throw the fly shortly after the strike.
  • Soon after a nice sized Bass takes the Grasshopper but the line breaks. Noticed that 4lbs test will break quickly when larger Bass are hooked in the mouth instead of the lips.
  • No more Grasshoppers but was able to use a Back Up Dry Fly… an indicator fishing fly we use for trout. It’s tied on a size 10 hook.



  • 1 Bluegill – 6″ – White Foam Grasshopper – Sz 14
  • 1 Bass – 11″ – White Foam Grasshopper – Sz 14
  • 4 Bass – 12″-14″ – Dry Fly Indicator Fly – sz 10 (aka Patriot Fly)


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