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Headed out to Kroger Park after work today. Fished a Foam Grasshopper and managed several Bluegill and a couple of Bass. Was concerned the latest front had them deep. As luck would have it, they were striking on top… water was still warm. Not sure if it will stay that way tonight with temps forecasted in the 30s. No worries, will be back with a Grasshopper again when temps come back up.


#flyfishing #foamgrasshopper with a 4wt! Mix of #bass and #bluegill at #bethanyridgepark

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Log Book Entry: 3/13/17

  • Location: Bethany Ridge Park Pond aka Kroger Park (Allen)
  • Time: 18:00 – 18:50
  • Weax: Clear, “Sweater”, Windy
  • Rod: Cabelas TLR 4wt – 7’6″
  • Reel: Ross Flystart 1 (4wt Reel) – 5wt Flyline



  • Windy and cold temps despite sunny conditions. Was concerned the fish were deep and would not take a Foam Grasshopper. Luckily, the water felt warm still and the fish were readily striking the fishing fly!
  • Had a number of missed strikes as well as short strikes as Bass and Bluegill went for the fly. Also, noticed several nice size Bass… however, they were not interested in the grasshopper.
  • Various retrieves worked with most going for movement in short “jerks” of the line with a pause in between.
  • Could not see any Bluegill nests but had a hard time due to the windy conditions seeing what lay below the waters surface.



  • 2 Bass – 10″ – White Foam Grasshopper – Sz 16
  • 6 Bluegill – 4″-6″ – White Foam Grasshopper – Sz 16

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