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Back to Bethany Lakes on another cold morning. Took a little but ended up with four Bass that went for Senkos! Same a yesterday, slow sweep of the rod, take up slack, and repeat. Watch for movement in the line, feel for taps on the Senkos, and let them run with the Senko initially then set the hook by applying steady pressure (like reeling faster).

2 thoughts on “Four On a Cold Morning

  1. Good work getting those four bass. Bethany Lakes seems to have a good variety of fish.
    There's a trend here in Victoria, Australia to stock bass rather than trout in some of the larger lakes, mostly those in the east of the state. Haven't had a chance to fish for them as it's a fairly long drive for me to those areas.
    Until I get our house move finished, I wont be wetting a line.
    Your fishing reports are keeping me sane! Thanks Glenn.


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