Frisco Commons with the Switch Rod and KDM Fishing Fly… Plus One! #flyfishing #fishingaddiction #switchrod

By / October 15, 2017 / Frisco Commons

Fun time yesterday fishing the Switch Rod and “testing” a new pattern – the Krystal Dub Minnow or KDM. Simple pattern made with UV pearl dubbing and saddle hackles; uses a dubbing loop to wrap the dubbing around the hook. Been a while since we used a dubbing loop, but quickly remembered how to use it.

KDM cast well with the Switch Rod, and could be seen from a distance in the Frisco Commons Pond. Water was clear, could see a number of Bluegill chase the KDM. Also, had several Bass go for it as well. No Bruisers but did see some bigger then the ones we caught!

Fun stuff… even got video of a Bass missing what looked like a butterfly hovering over the water’s surface!

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