Frisco for More Trout!

By / February 15, 2016 / Frisco Commons

Fished Frisco Commons Sunday for another chance at Rainbow Trout. Was able to limit out using the same Tandem Rigged Olive Near Deere and trailing Gold Ribbed Hares Ear Nymph (GRHEN) that we used at Waterloo on Saturday.

Steady action with strikes typically happening as we switched from a short pull and retrieve to a slow swing of the rod. Did get several to take the Olive Near Deere later in the early evening using a fast retrieve. Then, as the evening hatch started was able to get one to take a Size 22 Griffith’s Gnat!

Fun stuff!

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Look like bait Glen! Fun though.

I was out with HOW on one of our lakes and bass fished. Got 22 out of 26 bites. Some were about 3-4 pounds and I saw four that other guys got that went over six pounds.

Going to check out a new lake tomorrow with the regional director so that will be fun. Owner says the lake has some five pound bass in it. We shall see
Great video as usual.



Thanks Stephen, they were small one but were still fun to catch. Also, makes for good practice in setting the hook when a light strike happens.

Sounds like the bite was on where you were! Good luck tomorrow!



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