Frito Fishing Flies for the Sabiki Rig

By / August 5, 2015 / Fishing

Still tinkering with the Sabiki Rig for White Bass. Planned to go fishing after work today. But, ran out of Crappie Jigs. Did see a YouTube video on making fishing flies for a Sabiki Rig using packaging from a coffee bag. Did not have a coffee bag but did have a “just finished” Frito bag.

Made four Frito Fishing Flies and fished them on a Sabiki Rig at Tickey Creek. Caught a number of White Bass including one Keeper size one finally. But, as luck would have it, snapped the fishing line and lost the whole rig.

Oh well, going to make more and plan to use them for more White Bass fishing with a Sabiki Rig. Still working on the video; will post tomorrow most likely.

For now, here are three of the four Frito Fishing Flies!

Frito Fishing Flies

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