Fun with Nets… Replacement Trout Net is Done! #netmaking

By / September 3, 2017 / Fishing

Been wanting a rubber trout net for some time but keep getting sidetracked with other things. Decided to “bend” some wood and make a wooden trout net. Bending is done, just need to make a handle, glue, and finish. Also, short on the rubber net replacement to install to the frame when done.

Then, while thinking of fishing things, came up with an idea… use plastic lacing and make a net by hand. Before starting it, made a prototype using the trout net we normally use. It’s not coated, so fishing flies tend to tangle often after landing a trout.

Plastic lacing worked as net material… after listening to a YouTube mix of the up and coming country band – Midland and several glasses of wine, completed the net… fishing flies don’t tangle and the net can easily handle 8 pounds!

Long weekend has us tinkering with other stuff… next item; telescoping Micro Fly Rod with  large guides than the one we have now. More to come!

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