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By / April 24, 2016 / Fishing

Fished a local pond that we had not fished in a ling time. Good to see the Bass and Bluegill are still there! Caught some nice Bruiser Bluegill and lost a couple of nice Bass. One went for the Grasshopper we used, another took the Bluegill on the line and stayed until it decided to let the Bluegill go.

Did have a couple of others go for Bluegill on the line but they chased the fish instead of eating it. Did get some video of one of the Bass “looking” at a Bluegill on the line. Did not have a polarized filter but in the video you can get a glimpse of the Bass… nice one; moreover, it was one of the smaller ones!

PS: Posted the picture on the Fishing Bulletin Board.

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Nice looking pond and it seems to be chocker full with those bluegill. They look a lot of fun to fish for.


Thanks Steve, they are fun on a 4wt. Bass in there are pretty big but they are pretty wary, too. Looks like live bait is the way to go for them. May need to try another Bluegill pattern to get them to take!


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