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Was not certain about the weather as rain and scattered thunderstorms were noted in the forecast. Decided to stay on shore instead of kayak fishing and continue fishing with the same setup used yesterday – 2-Weight Fly Rod and an Orange/White Tenkara Fly.

On a whim fished the pond by Davis Library in Plano Saturday morning. Was hoping to get some action shots fishing the clear water found in the feeder creek. Had to make adjustments and fish the main pond soon after arriving. Turned out the feeder creek was overgrown with brush.

After blind casting while walking the pond’s bank, found schools of bluegill and what looked like shellcracker (or a hybrid mix of bluegill and shellcracker). Fished the area for about an hour and caught and released a number of them.

After deciding on “one more cast” to call it a trip, caught some nice size bluegill by the bridge on the main pond side. Caught several more, then fished the other side of the bridge where the feeder creek enters the pond.

Saw a little open area and managed to cast a fly there. Caught ten in that little area before finally ending the trip! Did see lots of kids fishing from an event hosted by the Library. Looked like they were having fun!

Later in the evening, went back out for another round. Fished the pond by Sonic and caught several fish as well as lose a couple. No Bruisers but still lots of fun!

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