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Here is the video from yesterday’s trip to the Lower Mountain Fork. It was a tough day of fishing with lots of fish in the area as evidenced by the underwater video shots of Trout lurking in the area we fished.

Did catch five and missed a lot more. All in the Red Zone, so we had to let them go save for the one Keeper that went 20″!

All but one struck a White Midge Pattern that we think is called a Rainbow Warrior. The one exception went for the Y2K Egg Pattern.

We fished the Y2K as a trailer to a Near Deere. The Midge was fished either as a trailer to the Near Deere as well as a single fly under an indicator.

Great time even though it was frustrating to see them look and turn away from out fishing flies. Gotta go back for another round; we hope sooner than later!.

PS: We knew there were lots of Trout in the pool we fished but after reviewing the underwater video, we saw there we a lot more!

Lower Mountain Fork…!

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