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Kicked off the Amazon Challenge to show you can get started fly fishing for $33… specifically for $32.46 for a Martin Fly Fishing Fly Rod and Reel combo. It was on sale for $29.99, shipping was free, and tax was $2.47.

Martin Complete Fly Fishing Kit was offered on Amazon. Included with the kit:

  • 3 piece, 8 ft, 5/6wt fiberglass fly rod
  • 4-6wt, single action, fly reel 6wt floating, level fly line, Dacron backing line, and a Tapered, knotless leader
  • 5 fishing flies: Popper, Wooley Bugger, Royal Coachman, Muddler Minnow, And, a Pheasant Tail Nymph. Plus yarn for a strike indicator.
  • Fly Fishing Instruction pamphlet

Also, the reel was spooled with the backing, fly line, and leader. And, the reel was set for a left-hand retrieve.

Instructions on the packaging showed how to tie an Arbor Knot for attaching the backing to the reel and an Uni-Knot to connect the backing to the fly line and also connect the fly line to the leader. Personal preference is to use a Nail Knot instead of the Uni-Knot.

Modifications made prior to fishing the combo…

  • Switched the reel to a right-hand retrieve by unspooling the leader, fly line and backing, flipped the reel on the reel seat so the handle was on the right, retied the backing to the arbor, and the reeling everything back on to the reel.
  • Created a Loop to Loop connection for the fly line by cutting the leader from the fly line, tying 1 ft section of 30lbs mono to the fly line using a Nail Knot, and then tying a Perfection Loop on the tag end of the mono adjusting its length to about 6 inches once complete.

No other modifications were made. Will post video on the modifications separately. Do check back for more on the Getting Started in Fly Fishing – $33 Amazon Challenge.

PS. Fished the combo once since posting the video. Initial impressions are positive. Did have a fish on briefly before breaking off… lost the Royal Coachman. Luckily, the Muddler Minnow came through!