Getting Started Fly Fishing | Casting Quality Fly Line with a Bamboo Stake…?

By / April 1, 2021 / Fishing

That time of year when fishing questions start coming in. This one relates to getting started in fly fishing – specifically, our thoughts on budgeting for a fly rod/reel combo.

In this video, the introduction has a past video playing in the background… yours truly is casting a OPST Commando Head and no rod or reel at the local pond. It’s a quality line that makes for some nice casting especially when our back cast is clobbered.

Then, I describe a fly line that I will demo casting using a bamboo stake like the ones used to support tomato plants in a garden.

If a quality fly line can be cast using a stiff bamboo stake, then a good fly rod should easily cast the same fly line.

PS: Our suggestion has remained constant over the years… in general, we like to first purchase a quality fly line, then will buy the fly rod, and then either buy the reel last or repurpose one we already have.

That is, unless we are planning to use the new fly rod/reel combo for larger fish that require a good drag for fighting on the reel, then we will buy the reel before the rod or repurpose a rod we already have.

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