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Been itching to get more underwater camera actions shots. Wanted to try a camera setup that uses the Wi-Fi connection to a mobile phone to get live action shots of what is happening underwater.

Understood the Wi-Fi connection is lost soon as the Hero 5 goes underwater. The Go Pro will keep recording but you can no longer control the Go Pro with your phone.

Found a workaround that uses cable like in Cable TV cable to maintain connectivity when the Go Pro is underwater. Made a rig and planned to field test is soon as the hand heals but while testing the rig my sinking the camera in a bucket, learned the Wi-Fi connection stayed connected.

I did not lose connection until I was 20+ feet away from the bucket. Will have to test this in a pond. But, this is promising!

Do check back, plan to try testing the connection with and without the rig to see if the Hero 5 stays connected!

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