GoPro Underwater Video Take3 – Limited out Trout Fishing at Waterloo!

By / February 2, 2020 / Fishing

Made the run up to Waterloo in Denison for trout fishing fun. Trout Derby was held the day before, so lots of trout to be had in the little pond.

Brought the GoPro Underwater Video rig for another try at action shots of trout. Was a tough go with murkly water and lots of vegetation on the bottom to clobber the rig.

Luckily, after making more mods on the fly, did get some video of the trout lurking in the pond.

Key Take Aways:

  1. Green vegetation is thick on the bottom; best to use a Carolina Rig with 16″ to 18″ of leader from the weight to the hook.
  2. Use a bait that floats to keep it above the vegetation when Carolina Rigged. Else, use a bobber and suspend off the bottom.
  3. At one point, the trout wanted Corn but were not striking if on the bottom. Used a PowerBait Nugget threaded above the hook, and then bait the hook with corn. This allowed the Corn to stay off the bottom and in the “money” zone where the trout were lurking!

Of the trout caught today, two went for PowerBait Trout Bait, one went for a Power Nugget, another went for a PowerBait Nugget but lost it while landing it, and two went for Corn suspended on a Power Nugget!

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