Green Foam Grasshopper This Round! #flyfishing

Able to get a round of fishing in this evening. Caught Bass, Bluegill, and Sunfish while fly fishing at Bethany Lakes. Went with a Foam Grasshopper to get them today! Hoping the colder temps are done, and we can get back to kayak fishing!


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G’Day Glenn,
Looks like you had a decent session with that green foam grasshopper. I’ll have to have a go at tying a few. Is there a how to on this site?
We’ve been hearing news reports of tornadoes and flooding in the states of Texas, Arkansas and Missouri. Hope you are all safe.
Take care,


Hi Steve!
Foam Grasshopper seems to work this time of year in our area. Hope to get out again sooner than later. Here is our online article – that details how to tie one.

No worries on the weather here. The tornadoes and flooding missed us this round.

Always great to hear from you!
Take care,”


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